Thursday, June 08, 2006

We picked up my brother in Port MacNeil on Monday. We both timed it perfectly, he got there on the bus at 3:00 P.M. and we arrived about 3:30. We did some grocery shopping, laundry, had 4 minute showers and took on water. It is a very pretty spot and everything was very handy to the marina. We even were allowed to push the shopping cart from the store to the boat, they would pick it up at the top of the ramp at the end of the day, very convenient.
We left the next day and motored out for a ways and then tacked into a very light wind all morning. About 2:00 P.M. the wind picked up as forecast and then we were sailing in 25-30 knots with meter high waves. Bob didn't feel ill at all and had no problems going down below to look for stuff, very encouraging. We then beat into the wind and waves for 6 hours to reach our destination. We motored the last 3 nm into a gorgeous anchorage that we have all to ourselves except for the loon and the bald eagle. There is a white beach close by and Bob and I plan to go swimming later. We are going to stay here for a day as the forecast is for more of the same and we don't want to get bashed around all day. We had some equipment malfunctions yesterday in the breeze, one which was fixed with no problem the other may take a bit of engineering to get it to be whole again.
We set out the crab trap last night. We had eaten t-bone steak for supper and after chewing diligently on the bones we put them in the carrot bag and stuffed them in the crab trap. When we pulled it up this morning lo and behold there were 5 crabs gnawing on the bones, we ate 4 of them for breakfast, a super start to our day.