Friday, June 02, 2006

May 31 we had our first feast off the sea. We collected oysters at low tide and barbequed them. Then we waited to see if they had PSP, a disease that will cause your tongue to go numb, then your fingers and toes and then you die. It was quite exciting waiting. We did not die and then the next morning we heard on the VHF that some parts of the fishing area are closed due to red tide, which causes PSP, we must find out what area we are in. The oysters were delicious.
Tonight we are having a big fruit salad. Barry looked in one locker and a grapefruit had gone bad and an orange and the pineapples I had in there were overripe so we are eating all the fruit that needs to be eaten. Live and learn about storing food.
The scenery here is spectacular, big mountains coming right out of the sea, there is still snow on a few, one inlet we could have gone up ended in a glacier. We stopped in one spot today and clamored up a hill to look at a waterfall. I hope Barry's hip is not too sore tomorrow. Tonight we stern anchored, that is tied off to shore. The sea bed is so steep at the edges that you have to get to close to the shore when you anchor so if you tie off to shore you will not swing into the shallow water.
Tomorrow we are headed into some rapids to get us into Johnstone Strait. You have to time the tidal rapids just right so that you go through at slack tide, otherwise there are eddies and currents and overfalls that can get you into a lot of trouble. We have spent quite awhile going through the charts, tide books and guides to help us figure out how to navigate around here. Everyday brings a new adventure and new things to learn, isn't life grand.