Sunday, December 03, 2006

All is well we are near the end of our second day out at sea. The winds quieted down, we are maintaining 5.5 knots with a full main, genoa and staysail, not sure we could put up any more sail but one never knows. We have almost caught up with Mungo who slowed down in order not to enter Banderas Bay, where PV is located in the dark. The other boat that was with us has continued at speed and we now longer have VHF contact with them. It is a gorgeous day, sun beating off the water, puffy white clouds here and there. There is a bit of haze so the visibility at over 10 miles or so is reduced. Only another 70 miles to go, we should drop anchor just after sunrise all things continuing on as they have been.
I forgot to tell you the other day about the spinner dolphins that came to greet us on our way into Cabo. I think they must have escaped from Sea World or something, they were amazing, they would leap their whole bodies out of the water and then go through all sorts of twists and turns and somersaults before their bodies crashed back into the waves. What a lovely welcome. When we were in Cabo we went snorkeling. There was a huge variety of brightly coloured fish to feast our eyes on. No wonder people pay good money to go snorkeling and diving all over the world, it is quite wonderful.