Thursday, December 14, 2006

We had a chance to explore Ziahua a little yesterday. We really enjoyed what we saw. It is a very pretty setting and there seems to be enough to do onshore that it will keep us busy the whole time we are here. We took a taxi tour which was an adventure before it even started. We did not do so great negotiating with the taxi drivers and at one point, one of them even indicated that Sandi and I were cheap. I did not know what the gesture meant until later but decided we should have been offended. The tour took us to see the places where our parents will be staying so we can send home pictures of where they will be, both accomodations looked quite nice.
Sandi's parents' condo
We also found Rick's bar which helps out cruisers in the area. When we were there we discovered where a Doctor was and we made appointments and managed to get or prescriptions renewed all in one day. Steven found a mechanic to try and get his outboard up and running and we can do laundry there, while indulging in cervezas. Great spot.

Today we are going to do some boat chores and then head out and do some snorkeling. It is going to 30 degrees today with high humidity so we thought spending part of it in the water would be just the ticket.
My Mom's hotels' beach access