Wednesday, December 20, 2006

All of our families have arrived safe and sound. It is just super to have them here. We had a wonderful opportunity tonight to meet each other. We met at Rick's Bar which is a cruiser's hangout. Rick is an ex-pat American that caters to cruisers, it is a treat to have someone you can contact who knows all the local info and is willing to share and go out of his way to give cruisers a hand.
Anyway, tonight there was a couple from a boat that is at anchor here that gave a flamenco concert. Rick played the guitar and his wife, Andrea, danced, and wow could she dance. We sat mesmerized by her flashing feet in her marvelous red shoes as she shimmied and stomped her way around the stage. Rick 's guitar playing was out of this world and I was astonished at the melodic soulfull sounds that issued from his throat. Who would think that an skinny white guy could spout this wonderful Spanish lyrics that just made you want to get up and DANCE.
In between flamenco sets there was a local Mexican group that sang. There voices blended beautifully. Near the end of their set, a little girl of about 4 attached herself to one of the singers. Sbe just stole the show, she quietly swayed to the music that the group was singing and when she was about to grap the microphone her Mom picked her up and held her to finish of the song. It was all about family and how here it is okay to have small children in the bars. While I was a bit disconcerted to see a small child out later in the evening her Mom managed to sing and look after her nina and all was right with the world.