Friday, December 22, 2006

Barry sporting his drowned rat look.

Well yesterday was the shortest day of the year and there must have been something in the air because for the day it was the surf 2, Barry 0!!!! We rowed in to see Mom in the morning and Barry was feeling confident so he didn't even take his shirt off. The surf was pretty big and we both managed to get out, but the next wave did Barry in. It shoved the dinghy against him and knocked him head over heels, he lost his hat and his shoes. I just held on the dinghy and rode the wave in.
We took my Mom out for a ride on Cat's-Paw, motoring out of the bay and around the corner. We anchored close to shore about 5 miles away. We jumped in and swam around, Barry and I tried to get some of the barnacles off the hull, scrubing away at them with a teflon egg flipper and my bath sponge. Needless to say I need a new one of both! Barry's arms got pretty scratched up trying to get the barnacles off. Things grow on your hull very quickly down here.

When we took Mom back to her hotel in the dinghy, she sat in the front on the bottom of the dinghy, I sat at the back on the floor and Barry sat on the seat and rowed. When we get close to shore I take and oar and so does Barry and we paddle in. We got through one wave okay and Bary and I jumped out and then the next wave came crashing down on us. Barry went for a loop and I yelled at Mom to hold on. The dinghy tipped almost 30 degrees and then settled back in the water, fortuneately Mom was still in it safe and sound. Whew!! We will have to be a little more cautious with Mom in there, although she was smiling and laughing after the experience. What was really funny was that in the morning some guy came up to us and said it had looked like so much fun he wondered where he could rent a dinghy!!! Then in the evening the same fellow commented that it just wasn't Barry's day for dinghy landings.
Mom and Bill moved rooms yesterday, they are now on the ground floor which makes entry into the room alot easier for Bill. This is the view from their balcony.