Tuesday, December 26, 2006

We had a super Christmas Day that started with a swim to shore with my Santa sack, then a champagne breakfast, opening presents, brunch then a walk on the beach. The beach was filled with people, I guess in Mexico on Christmas you go to the beach There were all ages enjoying each other, playing in the surf and the sand. There were numerous games of volleyball and soccer. The Mexicans are very serious about their football, these pickup games on the beach were no holds barred, shoving and pushing it didn't matter how big you were if you were in the way you were dealt with. .

Today we went and had dinner at Sandi's parents' condo. There were 9 of us and after a wonderful supper of chicken and shrimp with Texas barley salad we indulged in the traditional Shanks dessert of figgy pudding. It flamed beautifully and the sauce even managed to turn out this year, overcoming the lumps in the icing sugar due to the humidity on the boat. After dinner we took on the pinata and I am not sure who won. The beast broke before we started due to a faulty hook in the ceiling, so undaunted we continued on with the pinata propped up on a plastic chair. Well after we destroyed the broom and a light fixture we indulged in a feast of Mexican candy. The weirdest one was a strawberry flavoured sucker that had been dipped in chilies. I am not sure I want to ever taste anything like that again!!! Notice in the picture of me bashing the pinata you can see the remains of the light fixture flying around in the air and in Steve's hand what remains of the broomstick. Barry says, I told you, you were break something, he would have nothing to do with the bashing process. Mom was disappointed she didn't get a chance!

It was a wonderful evening spent amoung friends, new and old, how much better can it get!h