Sunday, December 03, 2006

Update sent 9:09 PM Saturday Dec. 2, 2006
We are headed to Puerta Vallarta. This will be the longest we have been under sail at one time, a total of 60 hours or 3 nights and 2 days. We are midway through night number 2 and all is well. We are having a wild ride, winds at 20-25 knots with seas that have built all the way down the Sea of Cortez. When we left Cabo we motored for about 3 hours and then set sail. We sailed as a cutter all day today, with two foresails up our genoa and a hanked on staysail. Tonight as the wind built we rolled in the genoa, first about half and then all of it, we just put in the first reef in the main and are still maintaining 6.5 knots. I just saw 8.54 on the GPS so we are flying.
It is great to be traveling with 2 other boats, we are helping each other out supplying weather information and moral support. Both the other 2 boats are larger than us so on a long passage they get ahead of us, they are still within binocular range and we are able to hear them on the VHF. I am just going off watch and want to have a shower before I go to bed. Hope all is well with everyone.