Monday, December 18, 2006

Just wanted to show you Cat's-Paw's tropical look. Here she is with the bimini up the white sides hanging down at the back, they shade the cockpit quite nicely. Infront you can see the wind scoop that is attached to the front hatch. It scoops the air up and redirects it into the boat so you actually get a bit of a breeze coming in the boat. Lots of boats also have a large white tarp that they hang over their boom which shades their boat. The other day the deck was so hot I could not stand to walk on it in my bare feet, I had to put my Crocs on to go to the bow. We also have what is called a flopper stopper which we hang at 90 degree angles to the mast. It is just a retangular piece of plastic with a 2 diagonal cuts in the plastic which helps to dampen the rolling of the boat. When the boat goes up the plastic sheets open on the cuts and then they slowly close, dampening the roll of the boat, quite effective.
We were in town on a shopping expedition the other day and I decided that I wanted a pinata. I was really surprised by it's weight. In the middle of it there is a ceramic jug. I looked in it expecting to find all sorts of candy and goodies, but no such luck, I have to buy the candy myself. When we went back to the dinghy the fellow that minds the dinghies asked if we had ninos (children) Barry said no, only me. The fellow had a very puzzled look on his face. I hung it up from the back of the boat and am enjoying watching it shimmer and shine in the Mexican sun.
We went to town last night to see the latest James Bond movie. The last night before we left Canada we went to see Da Vinci's code with Mungo in Sidney. At the theatre they had a trailer for the next Bond movie, we made a pact to go and see it in San Diego. It wasn't out yet when we were in San Diego so we completed our pact by seeing it here!!! What an experience, for one it was really cheap, only $3.50 each, but the theater was really tiny and you sat so close to the screen that the outside edges of the screen were out of focus, so you daren't look at the edges or you would get dizzy. Then the sound was really poor, the movie was in English with Spanish sub-titles, so when you couldn't make out what they were saying you tried to read the Spanish, it was quite bizaare, but an experience all the same. The jury is still out on whether or not we like the new Bond.
My Mom and Bill are coming tomorrow as are Sandi's parents, Sandi and Steven's daughter will be here on Wed. We are both looking forward to seeing them and showing them the town.