Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Buddy Boating is the Best

It was great to have buddies yesterday. We motored all the way from Cabeza Negra to Ziahuatanejo today. It took 30 hours, but we are here, despite everyone telling us we had bitten off more than we could chew, we made it here and we are even 3 days early. I may not choose to do the trip that fast again, but it can be done. We are very happy to have arrived and are looking forward to relaxing and kicking back and getting to know Z-town.
Okay, back to the reasons it was great to have buddies. Mungo had a problem with their watermaker yesterday afternoon and were going to have to be on water rations until they arrived here. Buddies to the rescue, we have 2 five gallon jugs, we filled them with water and attached lines to them. Once Mungo was alongside we threw them the lines and then Barry lifted the water jugs in the water and Steven pulled them onboard Mungo. That 10 gallons was enough to get his watermaker up and functioning and they happily made water all night.

The other incident was a little more ominous. About 9:00 P.M. I was on watch merrily listening to a book on my IPOD when I noticed Mungo flashing his lights at me. He had his radar on and there was a boat that was closing on us from behind. It had flashed it's lights a couple of times at us and it was approaching us. The section of the coast we were on has been know to have drug smugglers ply the waters so we were a little apprehensive about this mystery boat. Communicating via VHF we got closer to Mungo and were matching speeds, the ship kept getting closer and closer to us and we were both frightened about what was going to happen. Barry had been sleeping, he came up on deck, naked, I just wanted him to put some clothes on so he would be prepared to deal with whatever was going to happen., it was funny my first reaction was, please go and put some clothes on. Once the boat was really close I flashed our big searchlight on it and we realized it was a Mexican Naval Vessel. Both Mungo and us tried to hail the fellow on the VHF and finally we got a reply, someone on board was able to communicate in English (thank heavens) and he told us to stop our vessels. We both slowed down and doused our sails. The guy came to tie up to us but Barry waved him off, we did not have enough fenders up, our sail was still up and the Naval vessel did not have any fenders out. Barry was worried the guy would damage our boat, he was going to get in the dinghy and go over to the Navy guy but there was not way I was going to let him leave me alone aboard. Mungo had his sails down so the Navy ship went over and tied up to them. We had to supply our passport numbers, our boat registration number and a couple of other things over the VHF to Mungo and then thankfully they left. They did not have to come and tie up to us. I took a couple of pictures but as it was pitch black they did not turn out very well, but I do have proof.
It was great to have our buddy around when this happened, it was unnerving enough with two of us, I can't imagine how you would feel if you were out there alone.

On the way in Z-town we saw a bunch of turtles floating around in the water. We got close enough to one to take this picture of him with his hitchhiker.