Monday, June 29, 2009

The other day Trish and Graeme got a new kite. It is for kite surfing which they figured they could do here and in Australia. Quinn was tooling around on his coaster bike in the field where they were trying to learn how to fly the kite. The next session with the kite will be over the water, that should be fun!!

One of Trish's friend gave her a whole bunch of beautiful second hand baby clothes. After we had sorted them out, Trish could not resist putting her in one of the cute outfits and we had a photo shoot. The lighting wasn't great, so the lighting director (Quinn)decided to add some much needed extra light. (thus the flashlight in Trish's face)
June had her first bath at home and she was not impressed. She is eating like a true Lange and after she has finished she is just satiated. She just lays in Trish's arms her arms hanging down. She is so relaxed and calm, so far she has been a wonderful baby.