Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am enjoying being here. This morning we went for a ride, Trish has her horse in a field right next to the house. Her former co-worker at the ranch also keeps her horse here and as she is quite pregnant has no problems with me riding her. This afternoon I cut some of the lawn and helped Trish repot her tomato and pepper plants. We were out on the deck in the rain potting away. I quite enjoyed the rain, not having seen hardly any since we left Canada last August. Barry is in High Level tonight, planning on arriving in Yellowknife sometime tomorrow. The car has made it that far so hopefully it will make it all the way home. Isn't the house lovely?
Tomorrow evening Graeme's band is opening for Trooper. There is a dressing room available where Trish and I will be able to spell each other off looking after Quinn. That should be interesting. Trish has a very small shirt that has the band's name on it so Trish plans to get pictures of him with the boys at his first concert!!