Monday, May 28, 2007

Trish and Grame arrived home from Kelowna with THE CAR. It is a 1964 Mustang convertible, the first Mustang ever built. This car is actually Trish's future house, they plan to sell the restored product in Australia, where it is worth more, and use the profit as a down payment for a home.
Graeme borrowed his work truck and trailer and off they went to Kelowna, a five hour drive with a 7 week old baby in the vehicle. Trish said Quinn didn't mind being in the car seat the whole way. She had expressed enough milk she was able to bottle feed him, which meant no stopping.

Once they got home they had to unload all the boxes and parts from the truck, the fellow they bought the car from had all of the parts necessary to fix it, he just hadn't got around to doing it. Then Grame backed the big truck and trailer down the hilly driveway, about 200 meters with a wicked curve. My brother Bob just happened to be here and he was on the back of the trailer with a walkie/talkie directing him. As you can see he also came in REALLY handy in the unloading part. We were laughing, there he was holding up this box and his bossy little sister is saying wait, STOP, let me take your picture, well I was the official photographer after all!!!!!
At the bottom of the driveway the Mustang came off the trailer, Graeme's climbing skills came in to play as he rappeled it very slowly off. He said he had never had a more useless rope for the job, but he got it done. Then they hooked up the neighbor's truck and with Trish at the wheel hauled it back up the driveway. (There was no way he could manouver the work truck and trailer in the space infront of the house.)

At the top of the driveway again, they unhooked the Mustang and pushed it into the carport where it will be transformed into a thing of beauty with power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, the works. At the moment the only way these will work is power steering (push, Graeme, push), power brakes (stop, Graeme, stop) air conditioning (blow, Graeme, blow). Trish said they stopped at a fish and chips shop in Kelowna. There they were in the parking lot with the truck, trailer, old beat up car, Trish, Graeme and baby Quinn on the trailer eating there fish and chips. Every guy from 15 to 70 that went into eat had to come over and put his two cents worth. What kind of car? Where did you get it? Are the parts all original? Wow, do you have your work cut out for you! NO KIDDING! GOOD LUCK!