Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The view out the hotel window the day we left.

We are safe and sound in Tucson, AZ. We will be here two nights and then fly to L.A. - Vancouver- Victoria on Friday. Trying to figure out what we would like to see tomorrow. I wonder how far away Tombstone is??? Will add some pics later.

The morning we left I got up and watched my last Mexican sunrise. It was a bittersweet moment, lots of mixed emotions rolling around in my head.
This is the U.S. Mexican border crossing and I did see a fence, it didn't look like it would be hard to cross, but I imagine they will make it bigger and better before long! Although I have not listened to the news in such a long time I am not sure if they are still going to do that.

I am going to try and find out if there is a NBA playoff game in town tonight, Phoenix, with Canadian Steve Nash, is playing Tucson.I think that would be a great thing to do! We are hoping to get out to see some of the canyons in the area, but this is not Mexico and I am not sure if the bus system here is up to it.

Okay so I got all excited for nothing, Phoenix is playing the Spurs, but they are not the Tucson Spurs, they are the San Antonio Spurs so there will be no NBA game here!!!