Thursday, May 24, 2007

Quinn went for his first ride yesterday. Trish just rode her horse Dusty slowly around the field, Quinn seemed to really enjoy the movement. The horse was perfectly under control the whole time. I climbed on afterwards and got a few riding tips from Trish. That is her little dog Moocha that she and Graeme brought back from Mexico a few years ago. He went to work with her at the ranch everyday so is very used to the horses and loves racing around the field after Trish.

I will have to get used to the changes in the weather since I am living in the mountains again. Yesterday it got really windy and I took a walk down to Lake Windermere and stood on the dock. I figured it was blowing 15 knots and it would have been great to be out on the water in a small sailboat. You would have just flew up and down the lake. Today it snowed out. The snow didn't stay on the ground but the trees on the hills opposite the house are covered in a dusting of snow. How dare it just after we got the whole garden planted. We took the plants in that Trish had in pots on the deck and I went down and covered her tomatoes that she had grown from seed that we put in the ground a few days ago. It is supposed to warm up tomorrow. Trish and Graeme are going to go to Kelowna on the weekend to pick up a 1964 mustang convertible that they have bought, it is in pieces. Graeme is planning on restoring it and selling it for a profit. He has helped his Dad, in Australia, restore a number of vehicles. It should keep him busy for awhile.