Monday, May 28, 2007

Trish, Quinn and I went for a hike last Friday. We went up a peak called Swansea just to the east of Invermere. It was a gorgeous day, we drove up this rugged old logging road that had a ton of switchbacks on it. Trish said that a lot of mountain bikers use the mountain. The hard core ones bike up and down, THAT would be a workout. At the top of Swansea there were ramps for paragliders to take off from, that is something I would love to do, but only in tamdem, I don't think I could make myself go off the edge myself. We saw a plane gliding around the hills, it looked marvelous, he went over a peak and you could see him circle around and get the updraft off of the cliffs, super.
The view of the Rocky Mountain Trench was spectacular. We saw the Columbia Lake, which is the headwaters for the Columbia River, which Barry and I sailed up last Sept. There was Lake Windermere, Invermere and you could almost see all the way to Radium Hot Springs. Trish's house is just to the left of the picture, she was going to call Graeme and get him to flash a mirror at us so we could pick him out. It was a great day.