Friday, May 04, 2007

We made it safely across the Sea of Cortez, We motored for all but 2 hours. I was at the helm while the motor was off, it was a full moon, the moonshine was glinting off the water, and it was wonderful. When I turned the motor off it was still fully dark and as I was ghosting along about 4 knots sometimes 5, only 10 degrees off course due to the wind direction (which is really good because if the wind is on the nose you sometimes have to be 45 to 50 degrees off course). There were no waves just this great wind pushing us along.
Slowly the sky in the east began to lighten, first just the hint of things to come, it was not really light it just seemed less dark. Then a faint colour began to appear and I could see land, mountains appearing before my eyes. Soon the sky turned from pink to yellow to blue, but there was still no sign of the sun. Shortly after that a orangey pink hue appeared and then a brilliant crescent of orange jumped up from the horizon. It only took about a minute and the sun was up in all its glory, a huge fiery ball of orangey yellow. It was amazing. Meanwhile at my back the full moon was still shimmering, nature truly is a marvelous thing.
We had found out as we left Santa Rosalia that the boat lift in Guaymos was broken and they were not sure when it would be fixed. What were we going to do? I had plans to try and change our airline tickets which we had bought on points and things were a little grim. We decided to check in San Carlos which is just 10 miles north of Guaymos and see if it was possible for them to lift us out and the boat could stay there for the summer. The draft on our boat is only 5’6” which is relatively shallow by sailboat standards. In San Carlos they have to wait for the tides to be high in order to haul out the boats because they do it with a trailer, not a crane or a travel lift. Soooo, we were really lucky and the guy can lift us out on Monday, the day we had planned to be pulled out. I think if our draft had been much deeper, we may have had more of a problem because there a lots of boats here getting ready to be hauled out.
We are really busy getting the boat ready to be stored. Today we took all the sails off and rolled them up for storage. Barry took all the halyard and sheets off, first attached a tracer line which will stay hooked up all summer. When we come back we will just feed all the lines back to their correct spots using the tracer lines to pull them back through. We took notes and photographs of where all the lines get hooked up before we touched them. He also changed oil, fuel filters and other engine things. I went into Guaymos and bought our bus tickets to Tucson, we fly from there to L.A. to Vancouver to Victoria.
At the moment all our lines are soaking in the cockpit to get all the salt and grime off of them. We put fabric softener in the water and every so often we go and stomp around on the lines, Barry say we should clean our toenails. Our feet will probably be as soft as they ever have been after today.

Okay so I am in the internet cafe at the moment and believe it or not they have Mac's, so I am having mucho problems with getting it to do what I want to so I will fix this later, for now this is as good as it gets. The bird is an osprey, we were walking along and I had just commented to Barry that we had not seen any birds of prey and here was this beauty sitting on a post by the water. Gorgeous isn't he???