Friday, May 18, 2007

I am safely in Invermere now, except that Trish has moved and she lives in Windermere, so I guess I am in Windermere. Barry has left to drive to Yellowknife. He will stop to visit his brother in Innisfail on the way up and maybe our buddies from Mungo in Edmonton. He will start working on Tuesday persuming the ferry across the Mackenzie River does not get delayed by ice. He has a position with the Government of the Northwest Territories for as long as he wants it. He will be working in the Human Resource Dept. with someone that he has worked with before. He is looking forward to being employed once again.
We continued to have car trouble even after having it repaired in Keremeos. The car kept stalling at low speeds so the last I heard Barry was having it looked at in Calgary. Hopefully they will be able to fix whatever ails it and Barry will have a smooth ride north.
I will be staying in Windermere until the first week in June. Graeme and Trish have rented a lovely home. I will have to take pictures so you can all enjoy it. The price is very reasonable and the wood floors and windows give the home which is located out in the country a feeling of peace and spaciousness. They have a lovely mountain view from their eating area. I have a room to myself in the basement and I have not heard Quinn's crys in the night. Trish and I went up to the ranch yesterday where she had to orient a new employee. Quinn behaved wonderfully and it was great to hike through the bush and look and listen to the river rushing down in the canyon.

More shots of Keremeos. It was located in a river valley with very high mountains of both sides. We found these old cars parked in an orchard next to a fruit stand, there were about 4 cars and 3 tractors.