Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Well she is all put to bed, the tarps are on, the cockroach killer is spread about the boat, the water is in buckets to combat the heat and all the sails are off and she is on the hard for the summer. I think we worked on the boat more in the last week than we have since we left Canada. We are exhausted, the last 2 days have been on the hard, climbing up and down ladders and Barry's hip is giving him a hard time. We finished today at 15:30 hours and went to our hotel room and I ordered a Margarita while I had a bath, the first one since we left Canada. Hope you enjoy the photo montage. Notice the boom gallows wrapped in tarp, the boom wrapped with the sailcover and then with line and that all the fixtures on deck including all the brite work are wrapped in tin foil. In addition to that we covered her in tarps.

Very nice travel trailer, and a very professional crew, they backed in the rig and in one try got Cat's-Paw on the trialer and hauled her out. I chose to ride to the dry storage area on the boat and Barry walked along beside and took pictures.

Here is Barry cleaning out the outboard engine. You have to flush it with fresh water and vinegar. He just put a bucket on the bottom of it and did not have to lower it to the ground. He is about 12 feet in the air at this point.

Here is Cat's-Paw IV at wrapped up and ready for the Mexican summer. The boat next door, by some strange coincidence, is a boat that was one slip over from us in Sidney in 1995. The couple sailing it left the year before we did and we have been trying to catch up to them ever since, I guess we finally did. Imagine 1300 NM from home and you end up next to the boat that you started out being beside 2 years before. It really is a small world.
We went out for dinner with Mungo tonight, so ended this portion of our Mexican adventure with the bunch we started out with. It was a wonderful adventure and I truly look forward to continuing it in the fall. Hopefully we will go in the water in early Nov. head down the west coast of Mexico into Central America, to Panama, Eucador, Galapagos and into the French Polynesian Islands, then onto New Zealand. It is a lot to think about at the moment and all Ii am concentrating on is going home to see my grandbabies, new, old and yet to be born. Keep in touch through out land based e-mail ann_lange@yahoo.com. I must get to bed, we have to be up at 0530 and will get into Tucson about 1500.