Saturday, May 12, 2007

These pictures are from Tucson, we toured the downtown area and then went out to the University of Arizona to look around. They had a gorgeous football stadium there, the size was just unbelievable. The last picture is of the university, all the buildings on campus were made out of brick. I was amazed that the science library had it's own 4 story building. The students on campus seemed quite diverse with quite a few Asians students wandering around.

We wanted to go and see some of the geology in the region, there were several brochures in the hotel about caves and cave paintings, we could have also gone to Tombstone to see the OK Corral. The only problem was that most of those attractions we 15 to 20 miles out of town and when we called to inquire about bus service, there was none, back in the USA where the motor vehicle is king! They had a great free bus service around the downtown core and we rode it to visit all the places we wanted.

The top picture and the one on the left are from the Presidio or the fort that was part of the original Tucson. The Spaniards inhabited the area and made treaties with some of the local Apache tribes to keep other marauding Indians at bay.

We are safely home in Victoria now. We are staying at a friend's house and they have arranged a get together with all our sailing buddies this evening so that should be a lot of fun. Shortly we are going to run up to visit Barry's Mom and take her out to her favourite eating spot. We hope to leave the Island Monday evening or Tuesday morning.