Monday, January 01, 2007

Feliz Ano Nuevo!! Hope you had a great one. This was our first out of Canada New's Years experience and it was super. We went to a cruiser get together on a large motor vessel early in the evening and then we headed over to Mom and Bill's hotel. They soundly trounced us at bridge and then just as we were putting out our midnight snacks, Steven and Sandi and their family showed up. We went down to the beach and had the snacks with champagne as the music played. The surf was pounding away in the background and people wandered and danced their way up and down the beach under the almost full moon. At midnight there were three different sets of fireworks around the bay and we all were enthralled by the display. After much hugging and kissing we had a chorus of "' May old acquaintance be forgot....."

Today, Mom and Bill went over to Las Gatas beach and Mom and I snorkeled while Bill and Barry sat on the beach and had a bucket of beers!!!! What a lovely way to spend New Years, I wonder where we will spend it next year. All the best to all of you and best wishes for 2007.