Sunday, January 28, 2007

We were stopped by the Mexican Navy AGAIN!! What is with them. Anyway this time it was during the day and they called us before they got too close. They called us on the radio in Spanish but Barry didn't want me to answer, but I did anyway in English and the fellow then proceeded to talk to us in English, so that was a good thing. It was a much bigger vessel that was patrolling and they sent out a boarding party. The boat they sent over was a big fiberglass and wood motor boat, it was about 30 feet long. Two naval officers got off of it and came aboard and looked at our papers. The one fellow spoke English quite well and it ended up he was on the tall ship that was in Victoria Harbour in the summer of 2005. The other fellow had sailed quite a bit and in his broken English he told us he sailed, Lazers, Hobi-cats and J-24's. They were very nice and although the other guys on the motor boat that had big machine guns were somewhat intimidating, these two seemed very nice. We had forgotten to clear out of Zihuatanejo, so when he asked for our papers, Barry kind of gulped but we could show him all our other stuff and we had good paperwork for when we went to Acapulco so they seemed satisfied. They managed the transfer off and on our boat without too much problem and there were no scratches on the hull. It is good to know that they are a presence in the area and I am really glad they decided to board us in the daylight this time. Hopefully that is the last time for awhile.

Barry said he smiled and waved at this guy with the gun, but he was having none of that and didn't crack a smile, he was ready in case we caused any trouble.