Monday, January 15, 2007

We have been wandering around town the last few days. We went walking into a different part of town yesterday and watched part of a soccer game or "football" as it is referred to down here. Then we went up a hill trying to get a good view of the harbour, the street we were on started getting narrower and narrower, it finally turned into a lane, and then into a walkway. The houses there were up on a hill, with only this tiny steep walkway that could use to access the house. We noticed almost every house had laundry handing up in the yard, I guess Sunday is laundry day.

We have become involved in Sailfest. It is a festival that cruisers organize to raise money for local schools. It is in it's 5th year and each year it has become bigger and better to the point that they are supporting 3 schools. The schools are for aboriginal kids that live here. These kids are brought up speaking their language and they can't get admitted to a Spanish school until they learn Spanish. The schools that have been established and supported by Sailfest exist to be able to mainstream these Aboriginal kids. We are going to go on a tour of the schools on Wednesday.

Unfortuneately we aren't going to be here for Sailfest because we have to be in Manzanillo to meet the girls so we decided to get involved now and do some volunteering. We are going to help out with the registration and sales of the T-shirts and CD's that they are putting out. It should be a good way to meet other cruisers as well.

Barry is at the bank at the moment, he is transferring money so we can buy a Honda generator. Our solar panels can't keep up to our energy demands, we are having to run our motor almost daily so we can have lights or use the computer in the evenings. The generator will allow us to not have to worry about having 2 lights on at once, yeah!!! I'm just not sure where we are going to put the thing when we are underway, but I guess that is Barry's problem.