Friday, January 12, 2007

We are back in Zihuatanejo now. (Check out the Acapulco blogs, I added pictures, the pictures of the divers actually diving did not work out, they were too far away and it was dark, too bad) We had a nice sail/motor back, no problems. At one point we were actually sailing at + 6 knots, it was a lovely feeling to be moving along. We were sailing with all the portholes and the one hatch open to get air in the boot and I actually went below and closed the leeward portholes becuase we might get some water in them!!! We saw the strangest site, these rays were leaping out of the water. They would jump singly or in pairs and they would go about 4 or 5 feet up in the air. When they came out of the water they would be fairly steamlined and then they would open their flaps or wings or whatever and then the would hit the water with a huge splatting noise. It was the strangest thing, does anyone know enough about fish to figure out why they jump out of the water. We have seen at least 3 different species of fish do this, I wonder if they are trying to escape a predator, maybe they are just trying to get a better view of our beautiful boat!! Yeah, that must be it.
When we got back to Z-town we met Steve and Sandi coming out of the bay to clean their bottom so we went and anchored with them and we had a nice chat. Later that night we met for a farewell dinner as they are leaving to go north today. We had such a good time, we went to Rick's Bar, the cruiser hangout and had a real North American steak dinner. All the beef down here is cut really thinly and they eat a lot of what my Mom call pulled beef, it's like they shave it very thin in long strips. After dinner we listened to live music and Barry was feeling no pain so we even danced a few dances, it was a great way to say good-bye. I am sure we will meet up with them again. We are going to put our boats on the hard in the same spot and we will be heading the same direction.