Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We are on our way back to Zihuatanejo, we are sailing at about 5 knots, which is great for this part of the country. We had a very interesting day yesterday. We hopped on a bus and went all the way around the bay in Acapulco. It was interesting to go from the old part of town to the newer part. The new part close to the water is all hotels and bars along the waterfront. There is a MacDonalds, a couple of KFC's and lots of high end clothing stores. The bars along the bay all have shore access and although they were pretty empty in the morning when we were walking around, we were encouraged to come in and sit down and indulge. There were quite a few night clubs as well that I am sure would come alive in the evenings.
We went to visit the El Fuerte San Diego, or Fort San Diego. It is a fort that was built by the Spanish to protect Acapulco in the 1600's. There was a museum in the fort, it was very nicely done and all the exhibits had English translations. Some of the translations were worded quite weirdly but you got the meaning. There was a little about the fort and a lot about the trading routes that were established between Acapulco and the Philippines. I didn't know that the Philippines were populated by the Spanish and Mexicans. There was quite a bit of material about the trading that took place and how the Oriental culture and the Spanish culture mixed due to the trading. They had wonderful examples of Chinese embroidery and china that ended up in Mexico due to the trading. There was a room about pirates and they were portrayed as men who hassled the Spanish galleons in time of war. It was made clear that most pirates did not get rich and lived a pretty hard life trying to chase down and capture the wonderful Spanish galleons. The fort itself was made in the shape of a pentagon with a moat around it. It was very impressive to stroll around the top of it and gaze out at Acapulco Harbour from the 5 different vantage points. After we finished visiting we went and rested in the zoloco or town square. It was a beautifully treed area with benches and a pagoda. There were stores around the edges of the courtyard but we weren't hassled by any vendors or beggars while we were sitting there.
We are planning on stopping in one spot before we get to Z-town so we plan to arrive there sometime on Friday.

We stopped at this one little open air restaurant for lunch, I ordered shrimp. They came just like this, I remember Katherine, Steve and Sandi's daughter complaining about cleaning shrimp for our Boxing Day dinner, well the proof is in the pudding. In Mexico you don't need to you can just cook them and serve them with everything still attached!!!! They were delicious by the way after you got over their appearance.