Friday, January 26, 2007

We moved the boat to a different anchorage today so that we could clean the bottom. Where we were I didn't trust the water quality so we moved to a spot that is more open to the ocean and there are no lagoons or rivers that empty near to us. Yesterday another Fast Passage arrived in the bay and we had a chance to go over and visit with them. They very kindly gave us an in depth tour of their boat, Nuage, so we could see what modifications they had made. They have done some really good stuff that improves the amount of storage area on the boat, for instance where our vanity is in our aft cabin, they have put in shelving that reaches to the ceiling. They also lent us a breathing apparatus that allows you clean the bottom of the boat. It has a mini-compressor that has a hose which is attached to a mouth piece. The hose is long enough that I could scrape the entire bottom of the boat. They also lent us a weight belt so it was like I was in seventh heaven, able to stay down, breathe and scrape. I also had to change the zincs on the shaft. Barry tried the "houka" but his lung capacity is just too large and he was breathing too deeply and was only getting half breaths and felt like he wasn't getting enough air. Thankfully my lungs aren't that huge. I only dropped one screw when I was putting on the zincs because Barry didn't tell me one end had a nut on it and I was putting the screw in the end with the nut on it, not good!!! Barry doesn't think the zincs are on tight enough but I did them up as hard as I could and he went down and tried to tighten them, not sure why they don't fit better. We will have to keep an eye on them.
We are getting ready to leave Zihuatanejo tomorrow afternoon. We are going to join the work party in the morning to build a small shed for supplies for the new school and then we will head to an island that is about 10 miles north to stay overnight. Sunday morning we will take off for points north. We plan to be in Manzanillo on Tuesday and the Trish and Graeme arrive on Wednesday. We are both really looking forward to seeing them again.