Thursday, January 18, 2007

We went on a school tour yesterday. It was a real eye opener. the school was very small and very crowded. There is no equipment and they have nothing to work with. All the kids are happy and have huge smiles on their faces. They like going to school. They have a canteen outside of the school where the kids can get nutritious snacks and the money they make they turn back to the school.

They are in the midst of plans to build a new school. The City of Zihuatanejo has donated the land, the government will pay for construction materials, the Rotary Club has agreed to buy the furnishings for the school and Sailfest and a charity in the states are raising money for the construction costs. It is quite an undertaking. It feels really good to be part of the committee and to help out.

The school is up very high on a hill to the north of town, there is a beautiful view of the bay from up there and it is very breezy. The only thing about it being so high is that all the kids that don't have transportation have to walk up the hill to go to school.
All the cruisers are pulling together and getting a four day festival organized. There are 4 raffles, a CD that has been produced for sale, an auction, a chili cook-off, a sail parade where the cruisers sell spots on thier boat and parade around Z-bay and then over to Ixtapa. Barry and I are helping with registration and sale of t-shirts, CD's, raffle tickets, etc.