Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We are enjoying having our generator, having fun selling t-shirts, etc. I even managed to sell one to Barry’s brother Bruce on-line yesterday. I thought that was quite a coup. We went around to some of the local merchants to ask for donations for Sailfest last night. The first time we went into our block of shops we had a Mexican student with us, her English was just excellent so she would give them the spiel. There were a lot of owners that weren’t there so Barry and I went back later to some of the shops. The two most impressive donations were a gorgeous off white leather purse and a whole bunch of children’s clothes. The kids clothes included 5 pairs of jeans, a lovely shirt, 2 pairs of boxers and an outfit that consisted of pants and a top, really high end stuff. These donations can be used for one of the four raffles we are selling tickets for or for the live or silent auction that are planned. One tiny food place donated 2 empanadas, it was great to see someone who didn’t have much give something away in order to make money for the schools in the area.
Today we are going over to one of the beaches for a cruiser get together, we play dominos, cards, bocce ball, go snorkeling, etc. There are more and more boats arriving every day, so there are lots of new people to meet and get to know. Hope all in well with everyone. Barry has not been feeling well since about New Years. When we came back from Acapulco I put him on some penicillin and it seemed to speed up his recovery. Then the other night he was burning up with fever again. He actually stayed on the boat sleeping for the best part of two days, not at all like him. He claims he is much better today and I hoping he is being truthful, otherwise I would like him to go and see a doctor, this has been going on for almost a month now and if it is just a normal virus type illness he should be over it. It is quite worrying, but he does look and sound much better today.