Sunday, January 21, 2007

This is the latest addition to our boat. Barry is in seventh heaven. This is our new Honda 1000 which at this very second is happily humming away in the background putting in 35 amps of electricity into our batteries. Life is good. The computer is being charged, we have the fans on to cool the boat down. We can put the anchor light on at night and turn more than one light on in the boat without feeling terribly guilty. The humming is a bit annoying but if I think of it as a large CAT purring away as it powers up the boat, I don't have a problem with that. It is only 29 pounds or for all you younger Canadians that would be 13 kilograms. I can lift it without any problems and I think we will store it under the table when we are under way, it isn't very big so should fit there. We will have to figure out some way to secure it, I was considering duct tape but decided that would be a tad wasteful, perhaps bungy cords and line.
We went and tried to sell t-shirts and CD's to the folks off a cruise ship today. It was surprising how many would chat away, seem quite interested and then just leave without buying anything, cheap so and so's. We were there for four hours and managed to sell 10
t-shirts at 100 pesos a piece, or 10 USD, we sold 2 CD at 200 pesos so we made 1200 pesos for the cause and it will double when the charitable foundation that is involved will match our funds. It costs 250 USD to fund one child for one year in a secondary school, so we accomplished that today. I figure an education for a year for one child is a good trade for standing at a booth schoomzing tourists for 4 hours.
We had some pictures of the children from the schools so we could show the tourists what conditions the schools were in. A child came up and found herself in one of the pictures. She brought over her brother and sister and finally her mother and she really wanted the picture that had been taken. We couldn't resist and gave her our propoganda. Someone had a camera so took a shot of her with the picture, with her family. I will try to get a copy of that picture so you can enjoy the look of pride on her face as she displayed the picture of herself in school. Wow, that was really special.