Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I am now in Edmonton! I had a good flight across Canada and so far on my trip I have visited every province except Nfld. and Sask. I might try and see whether I can get to Sask. just because but I don't think I will have a chance. We have good buddies in Saskatoon that I would love to be able to say hi too.
I am visiting with Sandi and Steven from Mungo and it is wonderful to see them. They are just as super as I remember them being. I don't have to be in Yellowknife for work until next Tuesday so I am going to stay here and guess what I will be doing??? Steven has offered me a job with his firm doing clerical work and I will start this morning, pretty sweet don't you think. Not sure that I have the right clothes and shoes with me to be a working girl again, but there are always stores!!!!! Just kidding Barry, relax!
The last night I was in Cape Breton, Jen and Mark opened a bottle of champagne and we had a lovely super and celebrated. As you can see Jen wasn't having much luck opening the bottle. In Calgary I hit the ground running and by brother Bob dropped me off at the passport office to see if I could get the $%#*$% thing renewed. I had stood in line for 5 minutes and the security guard told me I would not get through that day, it was shortly before 2:00 P.M. I left and went and ordered a pair of glasses. The next morning I went to a different passport office that I thought opened at 8:30. I arrived at 7:50 and found that it had opened at 7:30 so I was not the first in line. I was out of there by 8:50 though, and should get my passport in 2 weeks, so that is good. I took the bus to Edmonton at noon.
This is how my brother gets to work most days, all year round. He bought studded tires for his bike last winter. This bike is one that David rode in high school, and apparently Bob enjoys the many repair jobs he has to perform on it because he won't buy a new one! Steve told him last night that he thought he was grown up enough now that he could have his own bike! How about it Bob?????