Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am on a little side trip. Jen was not coming home until last night and Mark is taking the day off today because the furniture is coming so I took the opportunity to do a little travelling. I headed out and spent the night with Barry's cousin and his wife at their B and B on mainland NS. That was great getting to know them and talking out the Lange family. Robert and his twin brother were born 4 days before Bruce and Barry, apparently Grandpa Lange was thrilled to have 4 grandson's in one week.
I took the ferry from NS to P.E.I. and drove up to see Green Gables and where Anne lived. It was great, one place I stopped had little re-enactments, I saw the tea party where Diana gets drunk on "raspberry cordial". There was a spot where you could dress up in period costume and that was included in the price of admission so I put on an outfit and several different hats and had my picture taken. There were two men that were convinced to put on women's clothing and they were so funny looking it was hysterical!! I went to the National Park next and looked at the real Green Gables and toured the house, what lovely furniture.
Then I drove to the PEI National Park and tented for the night. It was been quite a few years since I have slept in a tent. It was fun going through Jen's goody bag of gear and trying everything out. I managed to cook an instant meal without blowing myself up using her fancy white gas pressurized stove. I put the tent up and put her fancy dancy saw together and tried to saw up some of the wood. The wood which I had to purchase was very hard to get burning but after much persistance I got a good fire going and sat in front drinking hot chocolate and spitting Spitz in the fire. GREAT FUN!!
The shore is beautiful here, wonderful beaches, sand dunes and rocky sections. The rocks are even that red colour that you see in the soil here. I have forgotten my cable for downloading pictures in Sydney so I will put some on when I can. I have lots and lots of great shots. Today I am heading back. I will drop off my passport renewal application and then stop at the Lange B and B again as I forgot my cross sticthing. I guess I needed a break from it, it would have gotten very dirty it I had done it in front of the fire!!!