Saturday, July 21, 2007

I am still in Edmonton visiting. I worked 3 days at Steven's firm and that was great. It didn't take much brain power but got me back in the mode of getting up and going to work. Good practise for Yellowknife, where I apparently will be required to get up and go to work and think all at the same time, yikes!!! I will visit with Barry's Aunt Flo tomorrow and then with Yellowknife buddies on Monday before I fly home ( I don't know if it qualifies as home anymore).

Sandi and I and Catherine, her daughter, hit West Ed today and I got some sweats and a hat. I really didn't need the hat but it was 70% off and it will be a great cover up on the boat so who could resist, not I!!!

I wanted to show you the condo where I am staying, lovely spot, right in downtown Edmonton so you can walk to get groceries, to the mall, to restaurants, and over to the legislature grounds where you can stoll around and enjoy the gardens and greenery. Hope all is well with all of you. Drop me a line, I am missing everyone.