Saturday, July 07, 2007

Let me introduce you to William Stonehouse, they have not made a decision on the other names as yet. I think William suits him. Jen and William are doing well, Jen was able to get out of bed today and she went for a short stroll around the ward. William slept pretty well last night and let Mom and Dad get some much needed rest. He is starting to get the hang of nursing so Mom is really happy about that. Grannie Annie is content that all is well and she is busy cross stitching like a demon.

William apparently is a real Stonehouse. He has his Dad's ears, chin, hands and feet, he has a birthmark like Jen had as a baby. He has chubby cheeks, that may be a Lange trait. He is quite beautiful with a full head of dark brown hair, with a hint of red in it when the sun shines on it.

The Stonehouse Clan, on the left in Mary, Mark's Mom and on the right is big sister Tracy and below is big sister Peggy. I didn't get a shot of Bert, Mark's Dad. Will try for that later.
Dad getting the hang of fatherhood, he looks a tad tired, it has been a long week!!