Sunday, July 29, 2007

Barry with his snap peas

I am still in Fort Simpson. I will leave today about 3:00 to go back to Yellowknife. Barry and I went down to some of the local airlines today to see how much it would cost to fly into the Nahanni National Park. We found out for a tour, with landing at Victoria Falls, (twice as high as Niagara) it would be about $1, 370.0o, for that amount you would land at the Falls and then land at another spot where you could have a picnic lunch and go swimming or fishing. Then we went to another airline and asked there. For about $1,000 we could fly over the falls and they would take us to Tungsten where we could land and go and visit some of our old haunts, the hot springs, look at our house and perhaps see the rec centre, although I do not know if we would be allowed in the building. It would very cool to get back there and I told Barry that one of my dreams was to see the Nahanni before we left the north.

When we were in Inuvik we had arranged to go to see an old whaling station on Herschell Island in the Beaufort Sea. The flight was cancelled and we never rescheduled, I was always disappointed that when we had an opportunity to see a part of the world that not many people get too, we didn't take that chance. Here we are in the same type of situation, so I figure you should take the bull by the horns and make your dreams a reality. I hope to be able to take that flight in 2 weeks time, of course it all depends on weather and there is a large mountain range between here and Tungsten so weather is a huge factor.

Next weekend I have been asked if I want to go in the Commissioner's Cup, a sailboat race from Yellowknife to Hay River and back, a total of 240 nautical miles. I would love to go as it is the 25th annual and I would have a chance to put my name on that trophy again, that would be the fourth time!! I will have to see how things look at work, but I am sure if I asked they would be more than willing to let me go, maybe.

I have some good pictures but am unable to download them in Simpson, I tried on this computer, which is in Barry's office but it just shut down when I plugged in my camera, it must be a sensitive government type computer. Barry has lost quite a bit of weight. He has become a vegetarian and eats snap peas, baby carrots, tomatoes, celery, fruit, peanut butter, cheese and some bread. He has to get to the grocery store very early to get the snap peas and bemoans the fact that there was no cottage cheese this week. We went out for breakfast yesterday and he wouldn't even have bacon with his eggs, go figure. I wanted to have steak for supper last night but all I got was Kraft Dinner and snap peas, lucky me!! He reluctantly agreed to let me have some of his snap peas, he really does horde them, he had 4 packages in the fridge.