Thursday, July 19, 2007

I have been hanging out with Sandi and Steve and it is great. They have a lovely home and they are no different than they were out on the water. Good to know that sailors don't change their stripes once they get back into their former habitats. I have been working for Steve's company for the last two days. I am doing "clerical" work!! Mostly it is grunt work that needs to be done, folding and then stuffing surveys into envelopes, then I got to shred. Steve runs a research firm so there are a lot of surveys that is being done! Today I actually got to use a letter opening machine, something I did not know existed, did any of you know that?? Then they allowed me to use a computer and I had to scan finished surveys. I was quite disappointed to be taken away from my shredding, I was really getting into it.

I have to be back in Yellowknife on Tuesday morning. I will help train a new employee at my former employers, Coldwell Banker. I am not sure how long I will be needed but it will keep me busy for awhile. Barry has been sent to Fort Simpson to straighten out the human resource situation there so he won't even be in Yellowknife when I get there, how disappointing. I understand he left me the car so I guess I will be able to drive to Simpson to see him.

This morning I took some time off from the office and came back to Steven and Sandi's condo and Sandi and I watched the Capital Exhibition Parade. We watched from their balcony and it was a unique view of action. There is going to be a big car race here this weekend, the pace car and some of the others would just race their engines as they idled along. I kind of wished they would just open up and roar off down the street. Tonight Sandi and I went to the Edmonton premier of Hairspray, if you enjoy musicals you should go and see it. John Travolta does a marvelous job in his role.