Sunday, July 15, 2007

I have some pics of Jen and Mark's house. It is starting to look like a home now and not just a house that they just moved in. They still don't have the dining room table and chairs and do not have their office set up in the retreat but things are definitely shaping up. Yesterday Jen and I put up Jen's famous IKEA shelves in the basement and put all her crafts in them. Now she at least should be able to find things and do whatever she wants, since she can't lift heavy things for 3 months, potting is out for awhile, the clay weighs quite a bit so might as well not even tempt herself. William is a wonderful baby, quiet and sleeping a lot at this stage, Jen has to wake him up to feed him so he can plump up. We also hung Jen's hanging plants yesterday so got a lot accomplished. Jen wants to get all the baby stuff unpacked today and I think that is a good plan.

I am off tomorrow to Calgary and then to Edmonton to visit some Sandi and Steven from Mungo. That will be great, I am looking forward to that, it will be nice to see them in their natural environment. They sold their big house in St. Albert and are living in a condo in downtown Edmonton so not quite their normal environment but what they will return to from Mungo every 6 months.