Friday, June 12, 2009

Heather called, she is safely in Tulita. She said that have a decent place to live and that the plane ride up there was long. They went up on a small plane. Tulita is located where the Mackenzie River meets up with the river flowing out of Great Bear Lake.
I met with a bunch of ladies I used to curl with and against and was asked to curl in the Senior ladies with them. The only hitch is that the Senior National playdowns is at the end of March. It is in Ottawa, which would be a lot of fun, but that would mean I would miss a good part of the NZ summer and have to stay in the cold NWT until the end of March. HMMM. Barry is willing to stay as long as I want. I guess I will write a list of the pros and cons and figure out where my priorities lie.
Launch day is tomorrow, hopefully it won't be too windy, it is not fun to see those boats waving around in the breeze when they are launched. A fellow who lives in Hay River and does not use his boat much said that we could sail his boat any time we wanted this summer. He sailed across the Atlantic a few years ago, sounds like I won't be hurting for boat to use. That is great.