Sunday, June 14, 2009

We have had a busy weekend. On Saturday we helped out down at the boat yard. We were responsible for putting in a Fraser 42, launching is stressful anyways, but when it is not your boat it just adds to the stress. Everything turned out fine though, the engine started and after clouds of black smoke came out, it settled down and got us to the mooring. We were not happy with the engine temperature after it had been running for awhile and not knowing whether that was normal or not, we have decided not to use the boat while it's owner is away. He has offered it to us for other times in late July and perhaps after a few more lessons on the running of the boat we will feel more comfortable about using it.
We were invited out to a Skills Canada demonstration of what the students have learned on Sat. night. The skill was cooking. We were treated to a sumptuous 7 course meal. It was astounding, first was a cheese and fruit plate, then shrimp cocktail, delicous home made tomato soup, a sorbet to cleanse your palette, whitefish with wonderful homemade tartar sauce, then beef tenderloin and to finish it off strawberry shortcake. That is Yellowknife for you, something unique and different going on every weekend. I think I may attend a concert put on tonight featuring one of our boating buddies daughters.
Today we volunteered at the annual Midnight Sun Triathalon. Once again it was raining but it wasn't as cold as 2 weeks ago when we volunteered at the track meet. It was interesting watching all ages swim, bike and ride.
This afternoon our grandchildren, Cassidy and Elijah came by. They are heading off on summer holidays soon so are wanting to make some spending money. They sorted our recycling, walked to the bins to put it in, then we rolled Grandpa's stash of coins. They each made $6.00 for their efforts and seemed quite happy with that. We headed to the Co-op after that and bought ingredients for smoothies. The cherry yogurt with the fresh strawberries was a hit all around as we slurped up all that goodness. What fun.
I am flying to Calgary on Thursday to be with Trish, Graeme, Quinn, June and Moocha, I will arrive in Windermere on Friday. Trish and June may or may not be home by then, but since I have to be back on July 6 to be here when Barry heads in to the hospital I thought I should get there pretty soon. I am sure June will be able to hold her own by then. She is now out of the isolet, breathing on her own, now she has to be able to hold down a good feed of milk before they will let her go home. I can't wait to meet her!!