Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life is good!!! Barry and I went to see the doctor today. He is a candidate for a new hip and they are going to schedule him in for surgery. That is just wonderful news. We still have no idea when it will be but it will be sooner rather than later and we should be able to be back on the boat to make the run to Fiji at this time next year. I can't tell you how happy I am. Barry will not have to live with the pain he has for too much longer. Oh wow, we must have someone looking out for us!

On the boat front, we have been asked to launch a 42 foot boat on Saturday and then been given free use of the boat until the owner comes back on June 25. He is a very trusting sort, I spent about 3 hours with him yesterday going over the boat systems and writing down all the ins and outs of starting the motor. I think I have it down, it is just checking to see if the 8 new thru hulls he put in are leaking that has me slightly worried. He is a pretty careful guy so I am sure his workmanship will be outstanding. He has a brand new furling genoa on the boat which should be fun to see how it works. I may go down and put the main on today, depending on the wind of course.
I don't think I have mentioned that one of our friends has a laser that he said I could sail in the Wed. night races. Seeing as how I have never sailed a dinghy by myself, this should be a great experience. I guess I will find out what kind of a sailor I really am. I am not looking forward to the first time I go for a dunk though, that water is going to be freezing. Now I am wishing I had bought a heavier wet suit than I have. I hauled the wetsuit all the way back from NZ with plans to do this so I had better stick to my convictions, I really am a northern girl, born and raised in the north so I laugh at cold water HaH!