Monday, June 22, 2009

Well, I guess internet baking is not my forte. Yesterday I looked up a recipe for bran muffins online and then copied it down and cooked them. Well as you can see the results were not stellar. I kind of wondered when there was no flour involved in the recipe and actually went back to the computer to check on the list of ingredients, and sure enough I did not see flour. The results were very tasty but did not hold together very well and at the moment they are in a bowl. I consumed some for breakfast as a cereal substitute. After I had scraped all the cooked stuff out of the muffin papers I went back to the computer to check again to see if there really was flour and sure enough, hiding between the baking powder and the egg there was the required 1 cup of flour, I can't believe I didn't catch it the second time I looked. Oh well, I may try them again, meanwhile Graeme does not really believe I can bake!! Quinn on the other hand shoveled some of the tasty bran/craisins/sun flower seed mixture into his mouth and wanted more.