Thursday, June 04, 2009


The closet,notice the slightly skewed doors

Check it out, a bathtub, Woopee!!

The entertainment center

Patricia and Baby Girl Martin are in Trail, BC. They were flown there yesterday, the baby is fine, just underweight and she was having some trouble breathing. They did not have the facilities in Cranbrook to look after the baby if she got into trouble so they shipped her out. Trish said in Trail they have a nurse who is dedicated to the preemie babies. They admitted Trish to the hospital last night and she is going to be allowed to stay there for 1 more night. She thought there was a place in Trail for family members of hospital patients to stay, so she may look into that.
On our front, we are in a one bedroom apt, YEAH, we have a toilet, YIPPEE!! So far we have a foamy, 5 pillows and some dishes, 2 plates, 3 glasses, 2 soup mugs, 2 knives, 2 forks, 2 spoons and some pots and pans.
We shouldn't fall off of this!
Ian and Helen loaned us some sheets and towels, I have organized all our clothes into piles on his and her sides of the beds. We have a closet, with hangers, wow, space to actually hang things up, what a luxury, the boat’s locker to hang stuff up was really lousy and there was always the generator and 2/20 liter full water cans in front of it. I think I will have a house warming party and tell everyone they need to bring a chair, little would they know that they would have to leave empty handed. Oh yeah, I could ask them to bring something to eat and then keep the dishes as well, this idea is getting better and better all the time!!
The library

Ah well, Barry is enjoying work, I think but he is very tired when he gets home. His hip was really sore today and I asked why. He said he did some visiting on the first day, and apparently he walked up and down the stairs between floors a few times, what can I say!
Elijah and Cassidy our grandchildren said that their teachers would like me to come in and talk to their classes that would be fun. I must get in touch with them today. I probably won’t go to Windermere to help Trish out until she and the baby return home, that may be a week to 10 days.
I just went to get internet hooked up and it is not going to happen until next Tuesday and apparently there are no “Hot Spots” for Wifi in town, what a drag. I did call the library and they have computers, first come, first served, so I guess I will go there, and I will get a library card as well.