Saturday, March 03, 2007

Here are some pictures I have been wanting to add for awhile but my connection has not been good. Hope you enjoy them.

Here we all are on the day that everyone is going home. It was nice to have everyone together.
Jen our doctor daughter has managed to learn to sleep anywhere, here she is on deck as we were underway. Taking it easy at the gorgeous pool at Las Hadas

Snoopy in his glory at the dock in Manzanillo. Charles Schultz is from Minnesota which has a sister city to Manzanillo, the last place I would have expected to see Snoopy.
This is a link to a great surfing clip these people that Trish and Graeme met in Pasquales. The music is from Graeme's band in Invermere and he is in one of the surfing clips, just look for the dude with lots of reddish hair.