Thursday, March 22, 2007

We managed to meet Kim and Brent yesterday as they came off the cruise ship the Carnival Pride. We got there in time to see a Holland cruise ship as well as Carnival Pride dock. It was interesting to watch the process, the Holland ship was the first ship in and it turned around and backed into the harbour, Carnival Pride came in and then pivoted in the harbour. We saw the guys attaching the ships lines to the docks, they were really struggling with the weight of the lines, we noticed one fellow was wearing a weight belt to support his back. We were not surprised.
Barry spotted Kim and Brent on the ship and we met them as they came out the gate. We went downtown and wandered around shopping and site seeing for most of the day. We got a chance to visit the large cathedral in PV and toured the old town. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner together and Kim managed to find a lovely outfit to wear to James' wedding in the fall. It was great to catch up on their news and spend some time together. Kim is taking a course in horse nutrition, who knew there was so much to learn about managing to get your horse the correct nutrition, she even had to have her hay analyzed. It sounded like they were enjoying their cruise, they head to Matzatlan, Cabo San Lucas and then back to L.A.
We have to check out with the Port Captain at 10:00 A.M. and then we will be heading further north. We probably will either go to an anchorage that is 10 miles away or one that is about 40 miles, depends on how we feel. Haven't heard from some of you lately, keep in touch.