Sunday, March 11, 2007

We are headed north again, we are going to try and anchor in a little spot called Careyes. It is only about 14 miles north of Tenacatita so we don't have far to go. Apparently in Careyes the endangered Carey hawkbilled sea turtles nest, the adult sea turtle is 2 to 3 feet long and weighs 30 to 100 pounds. The babies hatch in December and if you are in the area then you can take training and help the babies reach the water by shooing away predators, maybe next year!!
We had a great time in Tenacatita, both Barry and I played volleyball 3 days in a row. The caliber wasn't great but it was lots of fun and our older bodies managed to cope with the sport. Barry didn't have much mobility with his hip, but he has really long arms and just leaning and reaching he could get to most balls that were his. We were covered in sand at the end of the games, it is very fine and clings to the sweat and sun block that you have on. One fellow was playing in his socks and I thought that was a bit weird until we got out on the sand, man was it hot, socks would have been the perfect solution, one day we both played in our Crocs, thanks Jen. The first day we played volleyball, after we got back to the boat and showered on deck there was a bunch of sand in the cockpit. The next day we jumped in the water with a scrubbie and some soap and scrubbed most of the sand off before we showered off with fresh water. A couple of times I swam to shore so had a good workout doing that. We met a bunch of cruisers at a dinghy raft up we had to get to know each other and exchange books and CD's, we hope to visit more with some of them further up the coast.

Yesterday we made a trip to the little town across the bay from Tenacatit that has a crocodile reserve. THEY WERE HUGE!! I would estimate that they were at least 10 feet long. We bought some fish bait to feed them (mostly leftover fish after they were filleted)and there was a feeding frenzy when we tossed the fish over the 6 foot high fence. There were 4 crocs vying for the fish and it seemed like the smallest one would get the majority of the food, he was more mobile than the others and could move faster. At one point one of them chomped on a plastic water bottle that was floating in the area. those huge jaws going chomp, chomp, chomp on the bottle, everyone watching was trying to tell the poor croc that he was chewing the wrong thing. I have a good picture of them and once we get near a internet cafe I will make sure to put in on. We saw some termite nests in the trees and some unusual birds flitting about.
This little number came and anchored in Tenacatita the last day we were there, check out the toy on the upper deck at the stern!!!