Monday, March 26, 2007

We are currently in San Blas, about 40 miles north of Puerta Vallarta. This is new territory for us, when we came down the Baja we crossed from Cabo San Lucas to Puerta Vallarta and then went south. We have not covered this territory yet so it is all new and exciting. It felt great to be heading into unknown country and we look forward to exploring it. We had two uneventful days of sailing to get here and we are in no hurry, we had said that we wanted to cross the Sea of Cortez by the end of March and that is still our basic plan. There is so much to see in the Sea and a lot of great anchorages, we want to spend at least a month there. San Blas is located on an estuary, it is flat and apparently there are biting bugs in the evenings, YECH!! It looks quite different than most anchorages because of it's flatness. I think we had better go and explore.

Sent 2:30 PM Saturday March 24