Saturday, March 03, 2007

We are really enjoying exploring around Barra Navidad. We have heard about it and what a wonderful spot it is from quite a few people. Well, it is. They have a lovely hotel and marina with a fabulous golf course. We haven’t tried to land at the marina yet but have heard how we can use the pool and showers for free if we wish.
We are anchored in the lagoon that the hotel and marina are located on. There is no swell in here so you have great uninterrupted sleeps and although we have heard that people are dragging their anchors in the muddy bottom. There hasn’t been much wind since we have arrived so we have not seen any evidence of people dragging around and our anchor seems secure. The entrance into the lagoon is quite shallow and as we came in someone was on the bottom and again today someone had run aground. We are hoping our shallow 5’6”draft will keep up afloat as we leave.
The lagoon is really shallow and it is muddy so there is no swimming off the boat here. There is a nice beach a short dinghy ride away and we hear it is a good spot to learn how to surf, not sure if I have the guts to give it a try or not, Barry says he won’t. Today we went ashore by the golf course and wandered around it for awhile. It is spectacular. We ended up on the Pacific shore to the south of Barra to watch the surf and walk on the beach. It was deserted and was the sand ever hot. At the end of the beach there were stairs cut and cemented into the rocky hillside. The stairs led around the hill and to another smaller secluded beach. It looked like you could snorkel and swim from that beach and if we stay long enough we may go back and explore more. It was noon and we had nothing to drink so we figured we would head back to the boat for a siesta. I am going to take the computer into an internet cafĂ© so I should be able to put this and a bunch of pictures I have wanted to add to the blog on.
We have decided that we are both are returning to Canada for hurricane season. Barry is trying to line up some work in Yellowknife and I want to be around to help out Trish and Jen with their new additions to their families. We are still hoping to be able to attend some sort of Spanish classes once we return to Mexico in the fall. Our Mexican visa’s run out on May 15 so we have to leave before then, once we put the boat on the hard in San Carlos we will bus it to Tucson or Phoenix and fly back to Canada from there.