Friday, March 16, 2007

Well yesterday had to be one of the ugliest days we spent on the boat. We left Chamela at 5:00 in the morning planning to get to Puerta Vallarta if the weather was good or to the small anchorage just south of the big cape you have to get by before you get to PV. Maybe that was a sign of ugliness that we actually got up at 5! Anyway the first few hours were okay, motoring and then the wind started to pick up. I started to argue with Barry about whether or not we should sail. Then the wind and seas continued to pick up, it wasn't dangerous or scary or anything, just very uncomfortable, bouncing around in the big waves, that were very close together and not getting anywhere. The boat just tends to slam around when the waves are so close and instead of slicing through them you go up, slam and stop or slow down so you loose all your speed and it is just yukky movement as well. We finally made it to the little anchorage just before the cape called Ipala. Then we proceeded to argue about where we should anchor the boat. There was one spot that was really protected but it was iffy to find out if there was enough room, finally Barry agreed to go in and try it and there wasn't enough room. Then we went and anchored in the spot that Barry wanted that had no protection and was out in all the swell and it was 40 feet deep. There we stayed, bouncing around some more. I decided to stay below and drink the last bit of gin we had aboard and hopefully get in a better mood eating the remainder of a cheese ball I had made. The cheese ball ended up on the floor due to all the bouncing, the later Barry cut his finger while making supper and the glass I had been using to have my last gin and tonic in ended up smashing all over the floor. The glass was my last Yellowknife wine bottle glass so it was a special one. By this time I had pretty much had it with the day so went to bed. Barry chose to sleep on the couch and I was glad.
Today has been a much better day. We made it around the cape, the wind and the waves behaved and we were able to sail for most of the morning. At the moment we are motoring to make some distance so we can get to the anchorage just north of PV before dark. There is a big sailing regatta here next week. We would like to get to a dock for a day or two so are looking into that at the moment, Barry is not optimistic about our chances of getting one as there are all lot of extra boats hanging about for the regatta.