Monday, March 19, 2007

We had a real experience this morning. Our buddies on Toketie told us that we could make money by going to a condo or time share presentation. We were approached in the Walmart yesterday and asked if we would be willing to do it for $250.00 USD. Well I was all keen on the idea but Barry didn´t want to, but when the guy upped his gift from $200.00 to $250.oo we decided to do it. The beginning of the tour was very nice. They treated us to breakfast and then the tour began. The setting was beautiful, right on the beach, the grounds were very well kept and the accomodations were very nice. We took some pictures. The saleslady was very nice at the beginning but when it came to the sales pitch she got fairly aggresive. They are used to selling I tell you. We resisted and it was kind of fun playing the game. We had to tell them we were renting a room in a condo complex and there were a few times when Barry and I just kind of blanked out when asked questions, did the condo have one bedroom or two, we both had the deer in the headlights look in our eyes. Anyway we finally got away from the first lady and then we were taken upstairs and given another pitch about just buying holiday weeks, we could go to any resort in the world that we wanted, 20 weeks over 10 years for only $1,999.00 down. Well by that time I had had it and told the guy I just wanted to get out of there, he finally let us go and we picked up our $250.00. When we got back to where we had been let off another fellow offered us $300.00 to go to a different resort tomorrow. Barry was a little tempted but there was no way I was going to do that again. We figure that Barry´s brother Bruce would have lined up 3 a day to pay for his holiday. That paid for our groceries at Walmart anyway. Kim arrives on Wed. on a cruise ship so we will leave the area on Thursday morning.