Wednesday, March 28, 2007

These are pictures of our visit to Isla Isabella.

Shots of the island in general, note the lava rocks on the beach. The fishing village was very basic although they had loud music playing and I saw a TV in one of the buildings. The crater lagoon, with frigate birds nesting. I saw one of these birds land in branches of a tree that was too light to hold him and he got entangled with all the branches and had a real hard time trying to spread his wings to fly up out of the tree.

There were lots of iguanas everywhere on the island. You would here them rustling through the grass as you walked along in the trees. There were very small ones as well and I think maybe they were geckos, but that is only speculation.

The frigate birds reigned supreme on the lower half of the island, as we came in there were hundreds soaring around above the island. They are wonderful birds to watch in the air.

The blue footed bobbies were lovely looking birds, this shot does not show off the colour of his feet very well. I imagine it is the female that is still sitting on her eggs. Notice the green feet on the bird in front of the boat. I love his/her expression.