Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ian and Helen from Yellowknife left this morning to drive back to Puerta Villarta, we were sad to see them leave, we truly enjoyed having them aboard. Once they were gone we packed up and left Las Hadas anchorage in Manzanillo and headed north. We didn't get too far, at the moment we are in Barra Navidad about 20 miles north of Manzanillo. It is a lagoon with a big fancy hotel with a marina at the entrance. We avoided the temptation of showers and electricity and motored into the anchorage.
It was a bit tricky getting in, thank heavens our buddies on Espiritu called us on the radio and told us how to get in. We kept the 40+ foot Canadian ketch that was aground to our right as we went in. There was about 3 dinghies around the boat helping out. We anchored with about 1.5 feet under our keel so there was no need to put out 100 feet of chain!!! There are at least 3 boats here that we know folks on so we are looking forward to doing some visiting. I have put in a Yotreps report so that you can follow our trip north. We have no definite plans, we have no schedules to keep so we will just cruise along when we feel like it.